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A review of communicable diseases

because we need to cover the basics of public health in KNH 125, there isn’t enough time to take a deep dive into major public health issues during the lectures. We’ll use assignments to take a topic-based look at contemporary public health.

File you will need to download to complete this assignment

KNH 125 C – FA18 – Activity 5 Communicable Disease.docxPreview the document

INSTRUCTIONS for Case study – Communicable disease

  1. Open and complete the following case study worksheet.
    • Note: You’ll be watching a 23-minute video as you work through the case study assessment. Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete the work before the due date!
  2. Please do not alter the formatting on the worksheet.
  3. Save your work as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf attachment to this assignment prompt.
    • Submissions must be made through Canvas.
    • Emailed submissions will automatically earn 0/20 points for failure to follow instructions.

 Remember: This assignment should not be treated as ‘busy work’. I realize some students struggle with formal testing (e.g., exams). KNH 125 assignments are a way to diversify the manner in which you can show me that your public health knowledge is growing as a result of this class. These assignments serve as class participation tools and account for a considerable portion of your final grade. I am not necessarily looking for ‘right’ answers, but I want to see work that shows you can think critically and converse intelligently about public health issues.

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