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A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning(Poem)

A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning(Poem).

A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning(Poem) Description I am writing an essay on ” A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning ” by John Donne. in this Essay there will be no introduction/conclusion, but you have to follow the following guidelines and Interpret EACH LINE. Please explain, what does a line mean, why, how. What is the meaning of this first quatrain in light of the entire poem? Why should they not mourn in this separation? I will attach a sample paper in “Additional files” to help the writer understand better. I. Structure (4 parts) 1. Rhyme scheme 2. Meter, # of Syllables per line, & Feet 3. Stanza structure (a description of the form, the shape of the poem) 4. Word usage II. Content (3 parts) 1. Line by line or Phrase by phrase interpretation 2. Synopsis (summary) of interpretation 3. Overview ~ General Criticism of the poem 4. Work Cited 1. In a poetry paper there is no intro or conclusion. 2. Make sure you have one inch margins and a hanging indent in the correctly formatted WC. 3. Parenthetical references can look like this (l. 13), (ll. 14-16) or like this (13), (14-16). Parenthetical references can look like this (l. 13), (ll. 14-16) or like this (13), (14-16). What looks like l. and ll. Means line (l.) and lines (ll.) not 1 and 2. Use 12 point font. Include ALL parts of the paper especially remembering the following: Quote every single word in the poem; then interpret those words. When interpreting work with meaningful groups of words such as clauses or sentences; never work with lines because you will often end up with a lack of meaning since you have an incomplete thought. Look for periods and semicolons (;). After interpreting the poem line-by-line, include a summary of the interpretation. When I ask for General Criticism, I want you to relate the meaning of the poem to the larger world. What does it make you think of in terms of life experiences you have had, books you have read, movies you have seen. When looking at meter and rhyme scheme, just work with a representative sample from the poem; it’s not necessary to mark every line in the poem. If you are completely confused by meter, just tell us how many syllables in each line; that will suffice. If you do have a handle on meter, then go ahead and mark a few lines to show us how the stresses flow in the poem. When looking at word usage, you must focus on the types of words selected by the poet. Look for anomalies, unusual words or word groupings. Look for repetitions, but those repetitions should be meaningful ones. Look for patterns in the poem: Is any word used repeatedly in certain contexts; is there a progression from one idea to another, etc.

A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning(Poem)


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