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Advance developmental psychology

Advance developmental psychology.

Observation Report Instructions Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to apply your advanced knowledge of human development in the field by completing an observation report. You will be asked to observe a child and complete a full observation of their behavior. While completing this assignment you will be asked to observe their behaviors and then compare what you saw to an area of psychology. The goal is to further expand your knowledge of human development and apply this information to a real life setting, Subject selection: You will be asked to observe a child within your own setting. I ask that this not be a family member. You may ask a friend or co-worker with consent! Please meet with me prior to completing your observation who your subject will be. If you work in a school environment you must ask permission prior to completing your observation. If you need paperwork or consent forms I will assist you with this. When writing your paper you will be asked to use a pseudonym to protect confidentiality. Observation: You will complete the observation with the child. Recommended time for an observation is 30 minutes or however long you need to complete this assignment. In your paper I will ask you to describe the following: – Setting: Where is the observation taking place? Is this in the child’s home? At school? Is the care-giver present? How is the room set up? Describe the general setting of where the observation is taking place. – Subject: Describe who you are observing. How old is the child? Male or female? Who do they live at home with? Languages spoken at-home? Any information that may be important to the development of your paper. – Behaviors: What behaviors are you observing? Engaging in parallel play? Playing with other children? Are they reading with their caregiver? What are you observing? – How did you conduct this observation: Did you interact with the child? Did you have to engage them to participate Research: Please provide comparisons to what you saw in your observation from developmental research. You may use various source such as your text book or the databases. Please use at-lease one reference. You may break down this paper however you like you can make two separate sections for the observation and research or you may combine what you saw with the research. Please make this in APA format with cover page and reference list. Paper can be a minimum of 2 pages.


Advance developmental psychology


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