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Analyze diverse health care systems to evaluate their impacts on the health of populations

This assignment is the first part of a three part paper assignment. Students will select a low-income country of interest The purpose of this assignment is for the student to introduce the country of interest. The student will describe the selected country and include: historical influences, health influences, health systems, economy and policies that affect the health of the country’s population. Relevant international policies can be discussed if applicable. The abstract should be 1-2 pages outlining the purpose of the paper.

Assignment 1 Part 1 Outline


a)Brief description of country

b)Justification for selecting this country

2)Historical Influences

a)major historical events or initiatives that have influenced the country/topic

b) influence on the health of populations

c)How the SDGs relate to the country/topic.

d) Demographic trends, emerging technologies, and/or disease or illness and how it will determine current health care needs.

3)Health Care Systems

a) Describe the country’s health policy and health care funding mechanism

b) Examine how the health systems of the chosen country impact the health of populations.

c) Discuss any issues related to infrastructure, health care workforce, equipment, medications etc.

Related Outcomes

Outcome 1: Discuss the importance of historical events and initiatives and their influence on global health issues in order to understand current and anticipate future health care trends based on changing demographic trends, emerging technologies, and disease burdens.

Outcome 3: Examine the impact of cultural and environmental barriers on major communicable and non-communicable diseases on various global populations to identify current and future health care needs for a defined population.

Outcome 4: Analyze diverse health care systems to evaluate their impacts on the health of populations


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