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Assess Credit Risk

Assess Credit Risk.

Books and Resources
Changa, J., Hungb, M., & Tsaic, F. (2015). Credit contagion and competitive effects of bond rating downgrades along the supply chain
Haidong, F., Viksne, K., & Lunardi, A. (2016). Leverage control and quantitative management: The analysis of amplification effect on financial system
Morgan, I., & Murtagh, J. (2012). An analysis of global credit risk spreads during crises

Review the resources and research credit risk, so you will better understand the benefits and detractors of credit risk. Respond to the following points:
1.Evaluate the need for credit risk and current strategies for measuring and managing such a practice within financial institutions.
2.Support the value of credit derivatives for financial institutions. Please ensure you include the impacts of interest rates on derivative products.
3.Identify the positives and negatives of credit risk and how could you apply credit to your benefit?

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Assess Credit Risk


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