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Assignment Answers 1Bids 38Other questions 10

Assignment Answers 1Bids 38Other questions 10.

Second Draft of the PaperThe two disciplines I am intertwining is: Criminal Justice and Government. The title for the topic of my paper is: Why are crime rates still increasing in the U.S.?Using feedback received to date from your professor, fellow classmates, and anyone else with whom you have shared your work, revise your paper and post the second draft to this week’s drop box (use the tips from this week’s lecture to ensure you are revising and not simply proofreading).You should continue to consider this draft as a work in progress, but your paper should include clear, substantial improvements from the first draft you submitted last week. Make sure you follow APA guidelines for formatting and citations and refer to the following criteria to construct your draft.Please take the time to review the following documents to make sure the final version of your paper aligns to these requirements.Conceptualizing the PaperGrantham University Soft Skills RubricIn addition, please review the paper requirements listed below to ensure you craft your paper in a way that will cover everything.Requirements of the PaperYour paper should be at least 1,800-2,400 words long (this can range anywhere between 6-8 pages or more).The paper should have at least eight (8) cited resources within the paper. At least four (4) of these resources must be peer-reviewed (i.e. scholarly) library resources.Your paper must combine information from two different disciplines – preferably disciplines you’ve taken at least one class in during your college career.Your paper must be in APA format, using the 6th edition of the APA Publication Style Guide.All information drawn from external sources must be cited properly, both within the text of your essay and in a references page.

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Assignment Answers 1Bids 38Other questions 10


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