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Controversies in Contemporary Higher Education

Controversies in Contemporary Higher Education.

As you have learned throughout this course, there have been a number

of controversies, issues, and challenges in higher education

throughout different eras. Some of these controversies remain today or

have evolved because of current societal, economic, political, or

legal influences.

For this final project, you will select one of these controversies

affecting contemporary higher education. In a 10-12 page paper, you

will then trace this controversy through various eras of higher

education in the United States. In your project, you will also provide

an overview of the current state of this controversy. You will examine

the socioeconomic, political, and legal factors.

In your analysis you must identify all of the stakeholders impacted by

this controversy. You will forecast how that controversy may impact

higher education in the future.

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Controversies in Contemporary Higher Education


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