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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resource Management (HRM)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resource Management (HRM).

 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resource Management (HRM) Class Assignment There have been countless changes in the workplace. Some of these changes include how employees view employers, what is important to employees, and how organizations recruit and retain employees. Employees generally prefer to work for organizations that align with their own personal values. With respect to Human Resource Management (HRM), both managers and academics are seeking to tie Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to successful recruitment and retention of employees. Since both functions are critical elements of HRM, the ability of CSR to promote them adds to the strategic value of HRM to the firm. Consider for example: 1) What are the attitudes of managers and employees to CSR issues? 2) How has this changed? 3) Do you think CSR is important to HRM and should it be a consideration in employee selection? 4) Do you think it makes a difference to students, consumers/customers, CEO’s, and stockholders of the organization? 5) What potential conflicts do you see arising from CSR and how should these be handled? 6) Do you personally think CSR is important to HRM? Why or why not? Would it have an effect on your selection of a potential employer? Why or why not? Your assignment is to write an original analysis addressing not only the questions above, but also some of your own observations and additional research. To complete this assignment, you will need to first research Corporate Social Responsibility and the link to Human Resources Management, using a minimum of three additional outside sources other than your text (or any text). Your original analysis should include the above questions/topics as well as your own observations as they relate to the topics/companies/managers, Ch.15 in your text, and your own additional research. Make sure to use specific examples to support what you say. Do not just summarize the information in the chapter or simply write a paragraph answering each of the above questions. Your original analysis should be a minimum of 3 complete pages of information (double spaced pages using an Arial 12 pt font and one inch margins), and an additional works cited/source/reference page. On your works cited/source/reference page, make sure give the complete source/reference, and NOT JUST A URL OR WEBSITE. Do not use a Q &A format or simply write a paragraph on each question. While there are no additional specific guidelines, you are expected to turn in a minimum of 3 complete pages of information and NOT something that mostly contains a heading, large print or wide margins. You should actually find it easy to write three pages, the more difficult task will be narrowing it down. Make sure to also include and/or cite your additional sources on your additional source/references page. If you quote another source, be sure to document or credit the source and/or author.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resource Management (HRM)


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