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Demonstrate a method, strategy, technique or activity to reduce, manage or eliminate stress

Health & Wellness Research Paper

A. Identify the strategy, technique, skill, activity or method to further promote Health & Wellness in your life. Choose a topic related to your future career, field of study, personal interest or something you just want to learn more about. There are two ways to choose your topic.

Choose a method, strategy, technique or activity to reduce, manage or eliminate stress.

Examples include, but are not limited to: Nutrition, meditation, physical activity,

art therapy, journal writing, anger management, support groups, pets, yoga, or music.

B. Your research paper needs to support the strategy, technique, skill, activity, method or theory that would be beneficial for Health & Wellness.

1.  Prepare a 3-5 page, typed, 12-point font, double-spaced, MLA or APA reference style summary of your research, including a reference page.

2.  Your references should be recent, research articles or book chapters, from professional and reliable sources. Your references must be more recent than the year 2004.

3.  All your sources must be referenced MLA or APA style (author, year, title, journal, volume, pages). For example: Taylor, S. E., Klein, L.C., Lewis, B. P. Gruenwald, T. L., Gurung, R. A. R., & Updegraff, J. A. (2000) Biobehaviroral responses to stress in females; Tend-and befriend, not fight-or-flight. Psychological Review, 107, 411-429.

4.  You need a minimum of 3 recent reliable references demonstrating how to increase health & wellness, reduce stress, etc..


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