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Describe the power and influence Dr. Bradshaw

Leadership Case Study (25 Points): There are three case studies located in Appendix A of your book (Pg 441- 445) under the Donald Bradshaw section. Choose one of the three case studies, read the leadership challenge and how Dr. Bradshaw dealt with those issues of the chosen case. In 4-6 (double spaced) pages, answer the following questions:

  • Describe the Marco and Micro forces influencing this situation, as if you were completing an environmental scan prior to solving the issue.
  • What leadership model, or elements from leadership models, did Dr. Bradshaw deploy as he worked through this issue? Support your answer with reference to the text and one other reference.
  • Describe the power and influence Dr. Bradshaw, or any leader dealing with this issue, is needed in this situation?
  • Describe the decision making model Dr. Bradshaw employed in this situation.
  • Do you agree with Dr. Bradshaw’s approach? If so, why? If not, why? What makes him an effective or ineffective leader, in your opinion? Back up your opinion with concepts that you learned from the text throughout the course.


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