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Describe you role as a health care leader in your community


Grading Criteria

Create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your Population-Based Nursing Care Plan Project. Include a minimum of 7 slides (15 maximum) and the following information provided below. The PowerPoint Presentation is worth a maximum of 200 points in addition to Week 6 Discussion.

Breast Cancer is the topic you are using for this work.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Requirement Criteria
25 Points:

Describe your population group (Breast Cancer)

Describe your population’s health problem Provide health data relevant to your population and health problem

Identify a Population Group at risk, population of interest, and/or vulnerable population in your community.

Use health data to refine and limit population of interest/at risk for your community.

Find and compare epidemiological data (national, state and local) to refine population of interest/at risk through continued collaboration with professionals and consideration of health data

50 Points:

Describe the results of comprehensive community assessment showing collaboration with health care team members (system) and/or individuals/families/groups that represent the population.

Collaborate with professionals across the health care system in order to find the gap in care or other social determinant. Begin to take the lead to advocate and collaborate for population.

Informally interview at least one professional who works on primary and secondary prevention at the community and system level of care. Include professionals from disciplines outside of nursing.

Informally interview family members of population of interest/at risk to identify culturally appropriate interventions. Volunteer at appropriate

50 Points:

Develop possible evidence-based, culturally competent interventions/programs aimed at primary prevention at the community and system level of care specific to your community.

Consider primary prevention for key health concerns for population of interest/at risk in your community. (Do not include tertiary preventative measures.)

Consider nursing interventions at the community and system level of care aimed at primary prevention for population of interest/at risk.

Include culturally competent assessments and interventions by Interviewing family members of population of interest/at risk. Support your ideas with the scholarly literature. (Do not include care at the individual level.) Continued….

25 Points:

Chose a possible way to evaluate outcomes of your project

Use initial health data and intervention goals to choose one short term and one long term goal to evaluate outcomes of the intervention(s).
25 Points:

Presentation to Community Professional

Present your project ideas to at least one professional in the community. Include feedback received and important lessons learned.
25 Points:

Describe you role as a health care leader in your community

Describe your role regardless of personal work setting. How will you promote positive social change as a health care leader in your community?
Total 200 Points
Deductions – 25 Points may be deducted for:

· No Title page or reference page

· Inadequate number of references to support your project.

· Errors such as typos, grammar , spelling , punctuation, syntax, or lack of APA style or incorrect APA formatted references.


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