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Develop the business plan-key components

Develop the business plan-key components.

  • Develop the business plan-key components
  • Analyze operations scenarios


  • Before you can attempt to do the financial section of your business plan, you have to get real with your personal financials. Take time this week to complete the Personal Financial Statement Worksheet from Score. Don’t worry, you will not be submitting this confidential information in this assignment.  You will only be discussing your findings.


  • Download the Personal Financial Statement Worksheet from Score here:
  • Complete the worksheet by working through steps 1-3. DO NOT SUBMIT THIS WORKSHEET
  • In a brief paper (1-2 pages), discuss the following once your worksheet is complete:
    • Were there any surprises in your financial situation?
    • Are you able to move forward with obtaining funding for your business? If so, what is your next move?
    • If you are not in a position currently financially to move forward, how will you get there? What are your top three barriers to success?
  • Use credible sources with in-text citations and create a references page.
  • Format your paper in APA 6th guidelines.

Develop the business plan-key components


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