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Discipline And Guidance

Discipline And Guidance.


Format: APA writing style, sources cited in APA format

Margins: 1” all sides

Headings: Bold

Times New Roman, 12 point

No page numbers

No headers or footers

* Response must be 4 pages minimum


Part A

Identify a television show or movie for each of the following:

· One that depicts an authoritarian style of parenting

· One that depicts an authoritative style of parenting

· One that depicts a permissive style of parenting

Explain the effect that each of the three styles has on the children in the show.


Part B

Select one (1) of the following communication topics: effective communication, reflective listening, problem solving. Create a parent-friendly flyer describing at least two (2) ways that parents might use your selected communication strategy with young children.


Part C

For the scenario below, determine which type of related consequence is most appropriate. Provide two (2) supporting facts to justify your answer, citing sources in APA format.


Scenario: Basilo was pretending to cook dinner in the house area when Salena grabbed a plate away from him and said, “Boys don’t cook.” Basilo replied, “Yes, they do. My daddy cooks!” as he grabbed onto the plate. The children continued their tug-of-war until you intervened.


Discipline And Guidance


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