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Discuss the possible considerations a radiographer would make if a skull x-ray examination was requested for this patient

Case scenario: ‘A 7-month-old infant was brought to the emergency department by her parents after an unwitnessed fall from bed. On multiple, independent interviews, her parents provided a consistent, unwavering history. The patient and her father were lying in bed, when the father was called out to help the mother with the 2-year-old brother. After leaving the bedroom, the father heard a thud and returned immediately to find the patient on the floor crying. She was consoled after 5 minutes, at which time the father noted a depression on the right side of her head. The parents sought medical attention immediately. A thorough evaluation in the emergency department showed a normal physical and neurologic exam, with no evidence of external trauma except for a 2 × 4 × 0.5-cm depression of the skull in the right parietal region.’
Discuss the possible considerations a radiographer would make if a skull x-ray examination was requested for this patient. Length: 1500 words (plus or minus 10%). You are expected to submit your essay in MS Word format. Images are not required for any part of this assignment. If images are used, then they must illustrate the description or explanation that has been given. Images/diagrams will not gain any marks. A penalty of 5% will be incurred for work that exceeds the upper limit of the given word count range. Please refer to the unit website for details of the marking criteria.
Introduction(What is the causes of children head injuries and some consequences of head injuries)
Procedure for infant skull x-rays
· Patient presentation(take the information from the case scenario) (we must concern on the age and gender for the patient)
· X-ray room preparation(should be clean and which numbers you will use of mAs, kVp and FFD for child)
· Patient preparation(How can we prepare child for x-ray?) (Parents help is required) (Short exposure time is important because its child and the movement is uncontrolled)
· X-ray projection(A.P and lateral views and how each one is done (just brief discussion)
Summarize the key points


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