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Discuss the process of digestion

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Body mass index (BMI)














a.A term generally used for fats and oils.

b.Comes from breaking down carbohydrates and is used to produce energy.

c.A complication that may be caused by obesity.

d.Daily intake is vital for bodily function.

e.Tool used to identify excess adipose tissue.

f.Organic compounds required in small amounts for normal body functions; such as vitamins and minerals.

g.Excessive accumulation of fact cells for an individual’s height and weight.

h.Tool that measures skinfold thickness.

i.Malnutrition universal screening tool used to determine the nutritional status of a patient.

j.Organic compounds required in large amounts for normal body functions; such as carbohydrates and proteins



1. Discuss the process of digestion by explaining the following:

• Where does it begin?

• What are the roles and functions of saliva, the stomach, and the accessory organs?

Your response should be at least 500 words in length.


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