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discussionAnswers 1Bids 0Other questions 10

discussionAnswers 1Bids 0Other questions 10.

Forum DescriptionPost on three separate days to the discussion board. Make an initial post that answers both questions, and then make two more posts on separate days to two different classmates. It is important to review the Discussion Board rubric to understand the expectations and grading criteria. Include at least one reference and citation using APA 6th edition format. Watch Video   Need help with APA format citations and referencing? Watch this. To begin discussing in this forum, click the forum title. Then, click Create Thread on the Action Bar to post your initial reply. To reply to a fellow participant, click the title of the initial post, then click Reply.Discuss: Identify three different medical specialists and describe their specialty. Include the proper term for their speciality, for example, use the term dermatologist not skin doctor, and include details about the work they do.

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discussionAnswers 1Bids 0Other questions 10


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