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Does the student respond to the assigned or selected topic; demonstrates insight a meaningful  way?

The research paper will be 5 pages and will be on a Drugs, Behavior & Health of your choice.  A

minimum of 3 peer reviewed journal articles from the last 10 years will be required.  The paper

will need to be in APA format and will not need an abstract.  If you have any questions in

regards to the topics or need any advice or suggestions, please let me know in advance.  This

research paper is designed to allow you to have absolute freedom on the topic of your choice

(as long as it pertains to drugs, behavior & health).  If you are unsure, please check with me first

prior to turning in your final paper.  However, think outside the box and hopefully you will find

something new in the field drugs, behavior & health!  Please feel free to search the Internet or

review my PowerPoints & Videos for more ideas.  Typically, I would expect that if you are

having difficulty researching a topic or unsure of a topic that you would request to speak with

me either before or after class.  The grading rubric for this assignment will be listed below.

#5 –


Grading Rubric for Papers

Each student should keep the following grading rubric in mind.

The questions I will have in mind when I am reading your papers:

a) APA Formatting – Is the paper written in APA format as described in the American

Psychological Association’s Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th


b) Responsiveness – Did the student respond adequately to the paper or writing assignment?

Does the student respond to the assigned or selected topic; demonstrates insight a meaningful

way? Is the student’s paper substantive and evidence-based; demonstrates that the student

has read, viewed, and considered the learning resources in the course?

c) Content Knowledge – Does the content in the paper or writing assignment demonstrate an

understanding of the important knowledge the paper/assignment is intended to demonstrate?

d) Quality of Writing – Does the student demonstrate graduate-level writing in papers and

written assignments? Did the student adhere to APA format?



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