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Education Administration

Education Administration.

 The purposes of this assignment are to view the personal organizational or administrative issue/case you identified at the outset through the “lenses” of select theories perspectives covered in the course and to explore the strengths and limitations of the different ways by which you can now see the issue. For this assignment, write an 8-page report in which you view the issue/case by “trying on” a series of “eye glasses” where the lenses of each pair consists of a theoretical perspective explored in the course. You must use a minimum of two different perspectives in your analysis. For example, what does a political lens allow you to “see” by way of the dynamics of your issue/case and how you might make progress on the issue/case or what recommendations would you make to actors in it? What does a cultural lens allow you to see? How do the observations provided by political and cultural lenses differ from each other? And how to they change the way your see the issue/case from how you saw it at the outset of the course? Or, in another example, what does a classical management perspective reveal about your issue/case? Putting on the lens of moral leadership, what is revealed? What is different about your observations from each of these perspectives and how might these observations inform your plans, actions or recommendations in the future regarding the issue/case? In your analysis, discuss some of the strengths and limitations of the lenses you try on and what they allow you to “see” and what they perhaps distort or obscure. Incorporate some discussion about the effects of viewing your issue from multiple perspectives and whether doing so provides more (or less) direction for you in framing and addressing it. Your report should clearly incorporate relevant course materials, use citations, and include a reference list. It should follow APA formatting.

Education Administration


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