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Effect of fatigue on flight attendant’s performance.

Effect of fatigue on flight attendant’s performance..

 The project is divided into many parts. In this part you will have to write about This is a fancy way of saying that you can present and discuss your dependent variable (the thing you are hoping to explain) and your independent variables (the things that influence change in your dependent variable) in a logic model. It is important at this stage that you know how you will measure each of your variables, since the next stage of the project requires you to identify the data you will collect for your analysis. In other words, you must be able to offer a specific and measurable definition for each variable. If you want to know what affects performance, you will need a valid and reliable measure of performance as well as measures for the factors you believe influence change in the level of fatigue. You will show your logic model graphically and explain each variable included in the model in a four-page, double-spaced document. For your information: The primary independent variable is fatigue, there are other independent variables hunger, sleeping hours, workload, medication, stress, and other factors that can influence the level of fatigue. And the dependent variable is performance.

Effect of fatigue on flight attendant’s performance.


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