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 Choose two of the following topics and write a 750-word response to each. You are to refer to the set reading in your response. You may research wider if you like, but it is not necessary. The set readings are enough to answer the question. You may also refer to any of the course content covered in the 12 weeks of class. 1. Aldo Leopold’s The Land Ethic supplies an interesting moral principle to consider environmental problems. Go back to the reading and critically assess whether Leopold is right to suggest that the seemingly ‘useless’ parts of a biotic community (weeds, wild animals etc.) have a right to exist independent of their use. Refer to the lecture and to the reading to make your response. 2. Martin Luther King, in his Letter from Birmingham Prison, argues that the most significant roadblock to progress is moderate individuals who do not want to be upset by civil disobedience. He contends that social progress requires that people be shocked into awareness so they can petition for change. Is he right? Refer to the lecture and to the reading to make your response. You might like to refer to this news article (but don’t have to) 3. Thomas Nagel argues that the responsibility of public office is mostly an extension of duties found in private affairs. Consider the behaviour of a public political figure in the media recently and evaluate the morality of their behaviour referring to Nagel’s essay. (for example, you could look at Trump, Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton… any public political figure currently active anywhere in the world will do). 4. Milton Friedman argues that the social responsibility of businesses is to increase their profits. Do you think that corporations have other obligations than profit? Refer to the lecture and to the reading to make your response. Marking Criteria You will be awarded a qualitative mark out of 15 for each response. That 15 marks is comprised of… 5 marks for clarity of expression 5 marks for the level of familiarity with the resources 5 marks for the depth of critical argument demonstrated.



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