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Explain how you would design coaching strategies to help this individual “snap out of” this condition.




The following scenarios require some thought and application of several of the techniques and topics we have gone over in class. Each should be answered in essay form. Please be sure to organize your thoughts in order to formulate as succinct a response as possible.Each answer must be at least one but not more than three pages (typed, double-spaced) in length.

1. GOAL SETTING – The three basic stages in designing a goal-setting system are:

1) instructor/leader preparation

2) education and acquisition

3) implementation and follow-up

Select an activity in which the participant’s performance needs improvement. Design a goal setting system from start to finish for this individual. Remember to include any definitions and/or methods of evaluation/adjustment that might be effective.


There are any number of reasons why a team may not perform to its potential. Please give five (5) examples of membership “performance deterrents” and briefly describe how: a) the individual and b) the coach might control or even overcome such adverse conditions.


It is important to understand personality to improve teaching and coaching effectiveness. Discuss in-depth, one way to assess the coach’s and another method of assessing the participant’s personality and explain the importance of correctly identifying these personality profiles.


Discuss the four basic tenets of progressive relaxation and provide general instructions for using this technique. Give an example of using this in a sport setting. Also, apply this to the work-place (or you may use your academic setting if you would like).


Your star player is having a problem dealing with the stress of collegiate competition. Explain how you would design coaching strategies to help this individual “snap out of” this condition.


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