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explain why change needs to happen and it is important to get their input before any drastic changes are made that affect their duties and performance

Comment 1

Change can be very scary and intimidating. It can be even more intimidating when change comes from someone who you are not familiar with or who is new. You do not know their intentions and what they stand for. Reorganization without no input from any employees can lead to conflict because the employees were not taken in to consideration and were not informed prior to the new changes taken place. Communication would be a great way to start managing any conflict. According to Huber, “usually the best place for a work group to clear the air is in a group meeting” (2014). Arranging a meeting to introduce the new director and allowing the employees to get to know the new director will be a great first step. Allowing the new director and the employees to build a rapport will help build a great foundation to their relationship. At this time the new director can explain his/her ideas to reorganize the department and the reason behind the changes. Creative problem solving is another way to manage conflict because “all parties work together collaboratively to arrive at a solution that satisfies everyone, and all parties feel that they win” (2014). Having an open dialogue and open communication lets both parties express their opinions and thoughts to find the best solution for the department. After all, they should both have the same vision and goal which is to have a successful and outstanding department.

comment 2

An engaged and motivated workforce is vital to the success of any organization. Employees want to know that they are valued and appreciated. When decisions that affect their work were made without their input, employee morale takes a nose-dive.  The fastest way to lose employees is to make changes without any sort of warning, especially change that comes from an outsider with whom they have neither built trust nor gained support.

Unhappy employees are not likely to feel motivated and perform their best. The low morale that this creates leads to high employee turnover and can be costly for the company.  Companies invest billions of dollars in valuable time and resources hiring, orienting and training new employees. This causes disruptions in the normal flow of business. It is not conducive to team building and the overall success and profit margin of the company.

Sometimes change is necessary and it may be impossible to involve every employee in every issue but it is important to explain why change needs to happen and it is important to get their input before any drastic changes are made that affect their duties and performance. Change that is communicated with energy, enthusiasm and employee inclusion and in the context of grander vision will gain better acceptance and support. When employees are given the opportunity to share their feedback, they feel valued and appreciated. They see their place and their future within the organization. They take a more active role in the company and take ownership of their job.


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