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Find one commercial advertisement that is related to nutrition and/or fitness and what it claims

Write a 2-3 page (double spaced) narrative response. Be sure to address every point within the prompt.Submit as DOC, DOCX, PDF, or RTF file attachments.


Recommended after Lecture 8

Find one commercial advertisement that is related to nutrition and/or fitness.

a) What does the advertisement claim and/or imply? (For example: if you found a Slim-Fast commercial, indicate how they claim that eating Slim-Fast makes you lose up to 6 lbs in 14 days).

b) To what extent do you agree with those advertised claims/implications? Why or why not?

c) Suppose that you’re hired to check and improve accuracy of information in this advertisement. Is there any part of the advertisement that you would change? How would you change it?

d) Now, let’s suppose that you’re just focused on increasing short-term sales – you’re not too concerned about the accuracy of information in the advertisement, as long as it’ll draw public’s interest. Would you still change the advertisement? Why or why not?

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