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France architecture education.

France architecture education..

 Paper details the only resource that is allowed to be used to the paper is (history of architectural theory from vitruvius to the present) cite the source. French Provincial architecture is a style associated with specific geographic areas. Used for residential architecture, it was originally found in the countryside of France. The term is used to denote rural manor houses and chateaux from the 1600s and 1700s. French Provincial architecture has several identifying characteristics. Buildings tend to be built of brick or stone, although they can sometimes feature half-timbering as well. Structures are often symmetrical with very balanced proportions. You’ll usually see the same number of windows on each side of a structure, with the entrance often in the middle. Sometimes, you’ll also see a round tower as an entranceway or incorporated into another part of the structure. Example of French Provincial architecture One of the most distinctive elements of French Provincial architecture is the roof, steeply pitched and often hipped. On a hipped roof, all sides slope downward toward a structure’s walls. A hipped roof slopes down to the walls on all sides Sometimes, structures built in the French Provincial style also have dormers on their roofs. Dormers are small extensions that protrude out from the roof. The dormers often have windows and are gabled, with two small roof sections that meet at a ridge. French Provincial structures tend to have tall second-stories. Sometimes, these upper stories also have distinctive tall windows with curved, arching tops. On some houses, the windows might extend beyond the cornice or eave of the roof line.

France architecture education.


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