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Fsmt498 Week 8 Assignment

Fsmt498 Week 8 Assignment.

Read the material on the problem for this assignment in the Lesson and Assignment Eight and write a 2 page paper on the question.


This is a chance for you to assess four different issues that have been in the news and choose and assess one that you feel is something that is challenging your department or a department near you. Again this is not an examination of what you know, but rather how you would apply the knowledge that you have gained throughout your pursuit of a degree and apply that to problems that you may face in your career. These are not going to be large issue problems, but day to day ones and what I am looking for is not an analysis but rather a solution that you are comfortable with. Take the time to consider these issues that are real and decide how you would face the issue presented. Give me a solution and not an analysis. So, refrain one last time, you have reached the rank of Chief of Department. Read the four news articles below and chose one which might be an issue for your department and then discuss how you would address the problem. Provide information on how you would advise the municipality on how you have developed department policies and procedures to meet this issue. What legal problems could your department face with this issue?

Fsmt498 Week 8 Assignment


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