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Good and Bad development on Cultural Tourism

Good and Bad development on Cultural Tourism.

 Summary: A brief Context of your research, in which you state the broad domain or subject area in which your proposed study is to be located, and the specific topic area with which it will deal. In your Rationale, or justification for the research, you should explain briefly why there is a need for the research that you propose to undertake, and identify clearly the benefits likely to derive from it, including the specific contribution which you believe it will make to the advancement of knowledge in your chosen field. 2. Research Question, a Research Aim and Research Objectives: The research question, or research aim, is literally, just that. What do you intend to research and find out? “Aim” means intention. “Objective” means goal. When you are composing your list of research objectives think of what you actually intend to do (research aim), which will be concerned with answering your research question and advancing knowledge in the field, and how the intermediate goals (research objectives) that you have to achieve help in order to reach your research aim. Your research aim and objectives must be feasible within the constraints of your current knowledge base, time and finance. Restrict the number of objectives to between two and four.

Good and Bad development on Cultural Tourism


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