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how accurate are the various media  representations of psychopathology?

For this discussion, you will enter into a dialogue on another  ongoing controversy and contemporary issue regarding abnormal  psychology. Specifically, how accurate are the various media  representations of psychopathology?

As you enter into this conversation, analyze depictions of the  identification and treatment of abnormal behavior in media sources. Then  take a moment to consider and comment on the consequences of accurate  and inaccurate depictions of mental health conditions in popular media.  Identify at least one theoretical perspective (e.g., biological,  cognitive, psychodynamic) from the literature that informs your  observations. Additionally, you should integrate information on how  media shapes our cultural expectations and norms with respect to  abnormal/maladaptive behavior. Be sure to utilize fundamental concepts  for the ethical application of psychology from Standards 2.04 and 5.04  of the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct as you  create your responses.

Totaling 800 words


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