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How Composers Create Music for a Film .

How Composers Create Music for a Film ..

Type a 4-page minimum (not including the Works Cited page), double-spaced research paper using the MLA Style. Four sources should be used (minimum), not including any films you have used and cited in your paper. Use 12-point font size. Give the paper a unique title, but no separate title page is needed. You may use the first or third person for this paper. Obviously, parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page are required. Refer to an MLA Style guide for reference. If you have any questions about format or style, ask me as soon as possible; telling me you didn’t understand or know how to do something—after the due date—is not acceptable. As you know by now, the thesis statement is the heart of a research paper and is normally the last sentence of the first paragraph.

How Composers Create Music for a Film .


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