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How Do Women Resist Oppressive Regimes and Institutions in Pakistan?

How Do Women Resist Oppressive Regimes and Institutions in Pakistan?.

s You must use at least three primary sources from our course readings ( short story, documentary and a long book), and an additional 2 to supplement your discussion (The additional works will be ted talks, films, or books you have found on the topic). As with the research essay, this essay should include a minimum of three scholarly essays. Remember the more you include the more points you get! Please include a bibliography, and use 1.5 space, 12 point font, and standard one inch margins. This essay will require students to focus on Resistance. How do people in South Asia organize resistance and challenge the status quo? Who are the people, individuals, or groups and what are the particular institutions that have attempted to challenge injustices and demand for human rights, and gender equality? Discuss hurdles to gender equality in the region/ country of your choice, and analyze/ showcase those who pose challenges to those hurdles. The challenges can come from legal, religious, conservative, liberal, diasporic, nonprofit, etc. organizations, or individuals. You are expected to avoid generalizations, and use very specific references. The focus must be on those who are fighting against oppression, and demanding, or dispensing justice. You should use either ONE or both of the textbooks to display challenges to patriarchal norms, and discuss how resistance is a never ending, ongoing project that involves fits and starts, failures and partial successes. Interested in reading about activism, resistance, and reform in this essay. PRIMARY SOURCES USE 3 OF ANY OF THE ONES PROVIDED BELOW & 2 ON YOUR OWN THAT ARE NOT PROVIDED. MAKE SURE TO USE 1 OF THE BOOKS PROVIDED. Earth-1947 Pinjar The Story of India: Garam Hawa: Saving Face: The Girl in the River: Yes Sir, Madam: The Story of Kiran Bedi ( VIA UMB) Out in Mumbai: /UMB India’s Forgotten Women: /UMB The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar Stable URL: MAKE SURE TO USE AT LEAST ONE OF THESE BOOKS- Kamla Bhasin and Ritu Menon (2000). Borders & Boundaries: Women in India’s Partition. Rutgers University Press The Upstair’s Wife: An intimate History of Pakistan by Rafia Zakaria, Beacon Press, Boston (2015). THERE NEEDS TO BE AT LEAST 4 SCHOLARLY ESSAYS USE UMB HEALEY LIBARY OR SCHOLARLY ESSAYS THAT ARE OFFICIAL SCHOLARLY ESSAYS. MAKE SURE TO HAVE AT LEAST 4 QUOTES. MAKE SURE TO USE TERMS SUCH AS- Agency Gender Roles Patriarchy Modernity Tradition Nation/ Nationalism Belonging Home Community State/ Government Political Institutions Non Government Organizations Government Organizations: Police, Law, Medical Religious Institutions Citizenship Gendered Work Gender Differences Gendered Identities Heteronormative Structural Oppression Sexual Identity Sexuality and Bodies Trauma Empowerment Resistance Challenge Subversion Victimization Liberation Equality Meet ALL key criteria- 1.Use a long work extensively 2. Use terms from prompt in essay 3.Provide context to problems, historical context of place, pay attention to intersections of class, gender, region, education 4.Use THREE scholarly sources ( JOURNAL articles, scholarly academic essays published in peer reviewed journals from UMB or other academic sources only/ not newspaper, blogs, etc). Explain the quotes and relate them well to the points under discussion 5.MLA citations 6.Clear Thesis and use of evidence to support claims 7.Pays attention to nuances and avoids generalizations 8. Discusses what is at stake; i.e. discusses why this work is important and if it has bearing to a global audience ( what does it mean for gender equality and human rights struggles in general)

How Do Women Resist Oppressive Regimes and Institutions in Pakistan?


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