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how to make informed decisions on nursing practice and patient outcomes on a global basis. 

Min 300 words, 1 scholar article (no older than 5 years), APA format



Reflect on the concepts and practices you have learned on healthcare systems, politics, and health policy. Read the article that is linked below and share insights as how to make informed decisions on nursing practice and patient outcomes on a global basis.

In addition, state how you will apply what you have learned in this course to your upcoming practicum experience.  Note:  it is welcome but not necessary to post your own references this week in your discussion responses.  Enjoy the reading and simply reflect with us.

READ ARTICLE TO ANSWER POST. ( you may site the article) ——–>

Read the article (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. by:

Kohl, H.W., Craig, C. L., Lambert, E.V., Inoue, S., Alkandari, J.R., Leetonngin, G., & Kahlmeier, K. (2012). The

pandemic of physical inactivity: Global action for public health. The Lancet, 380(9838), 294-305. doi:

A systems approach to dealing with the global issue of physical inactivity is discussed.


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