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How’s Quantum Computing is gonna change the future with Short’s Algorithm

How’s Quantum Computing is gonna change the future with Short’s Algorithm.

 For instance, on the topic of “change the future” you might describe the proposed algorithm to solve a particular problem. You should begin by producing an outline to organize your findings and thoughts. The usual outline of a scientific paper is: (0) Abstract (I) Introduction/Motivation/Review of what is known (II) Description of the method/experiment/calculation,…. (III) Results (IV) Discussion (V) Summary/Conclusion/Outlook (VI) References In your paper section II , III and IV can meld together since you are not being asked to do original research. Create subheadings under these general categories and then subsubheadings etc.. 2) Then fill in the words and the figures. The paper should be a total of 2-3 pages long. (e.g. text, figures/tables + captions, abstract, references) Try to focus on the science and physics involved. Please do not simply copy from web pages but use your own ideas and words. Write clearly, concisely and economically. Use one tense (usually past tense) and stick with it throughout the paper, except for the outlook, which can be in future tense. 3) References: all facts should be referenced to refereed scientific journals. The references should be numbered [1], or some equivalent system[Smi] or (Smith2006) and should be listed at the end of the paper. All abbreviations should be explained in the text Example: …University of Washington (UW)… 4) Figures and tables: every figure/table should have a caption, usually below the figure/table. The caption should describe the figure’s/table’s content that is important, often there is some redundancy with the main text. If the figure is a graph, all curves/lines should be explained. Figures and tables are numbered and have to be referenced in the text (e.g. Fig. 1, Table III, or similar). 5) Usually, once you are done you write an abstract to summarize the most important facts of your paper. This abstract is usually different than the abstract you submitted as a research proposal. The abstract will be inserted directly below the title and your name and before the main body of the text. The abstract should be about 200 words.

How’s Quantum Computing is gonna change the future with Short’s Algorithm


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