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 You are required to write an assignment for the Strategic Academic Skills Course. The assignment is an Academic Research Essay of 1500-2000 words and it carries 25% of the total grade for the course. The aim of the assignment is to develop and assess your academic writing and study skills. In order to be assessed you need to accomplish the following: • Create a Bibliography/ Reference list of at least TWO Academic articles • Cite the sources correctly.  Your Assignment must contain the following: • Introduction ( Why are you interested in the topic? What is its importance?) • Literature review ( brief synthesis and analysis of the articles chosen by you) • Your analysis/your arguments • Conclusion • Reference list In the introduction you will be assessed on your ability to: 1. Frame the issue and put it in a relevant to you context. 2. Plan. 3. Interpret the given topic. In the Literature review part you will be assessed on your ability to: 1. Find relevant to your topic literature. 2. Summarize, paraphrase and synthesize information 3. Quote, cite and give references. 4. Critically engage with literature. In the Analysis/Arguments part you will be assessed on your ability to: 1. Demonstrate critical reflection. 1. Comment on summarized information and to support your statements and opinions with evidence. 2. Build arguments and counterarguments 3. Structure and organize a text logically. In the Conclusion you will be assessed on your ability to: 1. Summarize your views 2. Reach to logical and constructive conclusions derived from your arguments. Your essay should be logical, coherent and well organized. The reader should be able to easily understand what is being communicated. You should use either APA or MLA referencing style.



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