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Identify and describe the occupational or workplace unsafe condition or hazard.

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Hierarchy of Control 

Sample Paper: 

IP Hierarchy of Control Sample Paper.pdf Click for more options


1. Reflect back on a current job or previous job. You can also use a citation from as your topic and pretend that you are one of the worker for the company that is being cited.

2. Identify a hazard or condition wherein you felt unsafe or unprotected as a worker.

3. Access the:

4. Must have title page

5. Identify and describe the occupational or workplace unsafe condition or hazard.

6. Use the hierarchy of control to apply intervention thet could have prevented the risk or hazard.

7. How will you propose to your workplace to improve safety?

8. What Cal-OSHA regulation is violated if your workplace refuses to correct the hazard that you identified.

9. Summary

10. References: Use appropriate citations for your paper.

11. Maximum of 2 pages for your paper excluding title page and reference page. Paper can be single spaced but APA format must be followed for title and reference page.


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