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  Identify how the organization puts public health into practice.

Interview a governmental public health agency or someone working in healthcare (clinician, hospital administrator, etc). Summarize your interview. Include challenges, strengths, and other information you found important/interesting:


GPH714 Principles of Public Health

Topic: Informational Interview



Using the table below as a guide, develop interview questions to ask a representative of a governmental public health agency or someone working in health care.  You do not need to include all the aspects listed below.  In addition, you may include other information not listed in the table.  Your interview should not last more than 1 hour.


Organization/Department ·        mission and purpose

·        structure

·        goals

·        priority issues

Public Health Practice ·        implementation of 10 EPHS

·        public health infrastructure

·        emerging issues

Interprofessional Collaboration ·        key partnerships

·        public health working with healthcare

General ·        strengths

·        challenges

·        opportunities


Based on the information gathered in the interview, summarize your interview and lessons learned.  Assignment should be between 2-3 pages double spaced.  Submit the completed assignment via Blackboard.

Structure your written assignment accordingly:

·        Introduction/Overview

·        Describe the organization.

·        Identify how the organization puts public health into practice.

·        List examples of interprofessional collaboration.

·        Provide your insight on the organization based upon the concepts learned during the past 2 modules. This may include your recommendations for the organization.

·        Incorporate information about strengths, weaknesses and/or opportunities in the summary.

Note on writing:

Ø  Use professional writing.

Ø  Do not use personal pronouns (I, me, we, us, etc.).

Ø  See rubric in syllabus for guidance on grading.


Ø  This assignment should include very limited references/sources. It should mostly be in your words.  If using outside sources, please reference using AMA format.


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