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Knowledge Integration Project

Knowledge Integration Project.

Answer Sheet Guideline template. Include your responses to all questions in the column, “Your Response” next to the appropriate question. This ONE Answer Sheet Guideline template should be saved with your last name and “final,” — e.g. “Smithfinal”- Please note: The questions are already included on the Answer Sheet Guideline. Do not include any repeat of the case content on your Answer Sheet Guideline. 2) No extensions may be granted on this assignment; be sure to submit it on time and check to make sure that the document you submitted is readable and what you intended to submit. NOTE: This is an individual assignment. Any discussion or collaboration regarding the assignment constitutes a violation of UMUC’s Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy. If you have any questions about the assignment, you should direct them to your instructor. Don’t wait until the last minute to read the assignment and clarify any questions you might have. If you wait until the night before the KI Project is due, your instructor might not be available to answer your questions at that exact moment. 3) Be sure to base your discussion of these issues on the theories and principles in the readings throughout this seminar. The purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of and ability to apply the principles and theories discussed in the course materials. What matters most is what you think about the KI content issues (not regurgitating what other experts or individuals think).

Knowledge Integration Project


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