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Labor Economics

Labor Economics.



‘Gender inequality has been eliminated at some levels of education and at the highest levels in some countries there are now more women than men attending university. Women’s labour market experience in MENA differs from the rest of the world in several respects’
Critically evaluate this statement with a special focus on women human capital accumulation and labour market outcomes and suggest specific policies that can successfully redress this problem.


UNEMPLOYMENT (500-600 words)

‘Youth unemployment has reached alarming levels in Egypt. As much as 26.7 percent of the young Egyptians between 18-29 years are unemployed (Central Agency for Mobilization and Statistics, CAPMAS), twice the unemployment rate for the overall population.’
What are the main types and causes of unemployment in the MENA region? Why are the fore mentioned groups the most likely affected by the current downturn in economic activity? What are the causes and consequences to unemployment among the target group? Discuss what particular policies would be most effective in addressing labour market outcomes of this group?



What types of gender-based discrimination are most common in MENA labor markets? Drawing on the main theories of labor market discrimination that you learnt in this course, discuss some possible causes and policy remedies for this problem.

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Labor Economics


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