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Life Sciences

Life Sciences.

Life Sciences Description Choose one of the following topics, and write a paper of 500 words addressing the question based on additional information beyond what you learned in the lectures. A. What’s Next? Classic evolutionary theory says that existing species change, and new species arise, when random gene mutations lead to structures or functions that have adaptive value – that is, that lead to better survival and reproductive success. In the lecture, we mentioned that social institutions and medical advances have created an unique situation in which even physically weak and diseased people can survive and reproduce. Thus, a process that has driven the history of life for three and a half billion years doesn’t apply to modern humans. Write about the following questions: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? What human genetic mutations are likely to have adaptive value in the world of tomorrow, and as a result passed down naturally to the next generation? B. Playing God New technologies of genetic engineering such as CRISPR (about which you have a supplementary reading assignment) may give us the ability to change the human genome in the near future. Find and read internet discussions about genetic ethics, and then write about the following questions: Should doctors be allowed to use CRISPR-like technology to cure human genetic diseases? Should scientists be allowed to use CRISPR-like technology to make humans stronger, faster, smarter, or kinder? Length: 500 words

Life Sciences


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