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Medical errors

Medical errors.

Meadowview hospital has recently experienced two sentinel events: a

patient suicide and an incident of wrong-site surgery. Based on these

events, the hospital administrators have determined that outside

assistance is warranted.

You have been contracted to help Meadowview assess its organizational

performance and develop a risk-management plan. Develop a presentation

with speaker notes and recorded audio that would be delivered to the

stakeholders of Meadowview Hospital.

Your presentation must address the following:

Identify system factors that have influenced Meadowview’s

organizational performance.
Select processes and techniques that can be used to investigate,

prevent, and control these types of events now and in the future.

Justify your selections.
Recommend measures that can be used to assess the performance of the

organization and the risk management plan in this area as it relates

to patient safety and explain your rationale for each. Attach your

proposed assessment and risk management plans as appendices to your presentation.

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Medical errors


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