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Meerkat Maantuig Film Review –Toronto South African Film Festival.

Meerkat Maantuig Film Review –Toronto South African Film Festival..

For roughly the first third of your review, youshould discuss the film in terms of South African cinemai n general and identify what thematic and formal elements the film presents as specifically “South African.”You may use scholarly articles oroutside sources on South African cinema for this.The restof your review should discuss the polymorphic and polyvalent aspects of the film –i.e. how the film fits into a larger world cinema conversation, makinguse of the terminology from the course textbookand lecturesas you do so. For example,you might ask: a.What stylistic elements from Hollywood filmmaking does the film make use of? b.Who are the individuals and institutions behind theproduction of thefilm –cast, crew, producers, funders? c.What international accolades has the film received?d.How does the film conform to a “festival film aesthetic”(or not)?In this section of the review, you canalso discuss how you believe the film fits into the overall programming of the TSAFF.

Meerkat Maantuig Film Review –Toronto South African Film Festival.


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