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Methods PaperAnswers 1Bids 56Other questions 10

Methods PaperAnswers 1Bids 56Other questions 10.

For this assignment use the topic of interest ( Memory Loss among the Elderly) selected in Part 1 (attached) of the written assignments and the four hypotheses and research questions you developed for Part 2 (attached) of the written assignments (you may select to use either your developed quantitative or qualitative hypotheses and research questions, but not both). Selecting the method you like best, include a detailed description of measuring devices to be used for data collection (Examples: Surveys, questionnaires, individual interviews, case studies, naturalistic or controlled observation), of the study participants. Also, include a discussion regarding how you would analyze the data you collect (e.g., regarding statistical analysis of data) using you selected method and why it would be a good fit for your research. The length for this APA formatted paper is between 4 – 6 pages (not including the Title page, the Abstract, or the References pages).  This assignment must review between 6 – 8 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

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Methods PaperAnswers 1Bids 56Other questions 10


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