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MKT 113 – Product Overview

MKT 113 – Product Overview.

You have been named the marketing director of a large pet supply company. Your company makes pet food, toys, and supplies that are sold in retail locations and

via its online store. While the company has a robust website, it is not on any social media websites and prefers traditional media channels to promote its


Your first job is to help the company launch a new pet food line. This line will be for both cats and dogs, and the company is excited because the product is made

of all natural ingredients. The new pet food will be sold for about 10% more than its competitor’s pet food product. You will need to make some key strategic

decisions about how to launch and promote this new product line. Assume you will have the budget that you need.



In Final Project Part I, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

 Utilize foundational marketing terminology for identifying effective marketing strategies

 Describe internal and external market factors that impact marketing decisions and strategies

 Describe the role of the consumer for improving marketing strategies

 Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s marketing activities to influence future strategies


Your Final Project Part I: Product Overview will be a written document, 2–4 pages in length, in APA format. A template has been provided to give additional

details on the paper structure and content.

Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Initial Overview

a) Market Factors

Describe the internal and external market factors the company should consider.

i. Complete the SWOT matrix and include information on the product strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Provide necessary

details to support each example. 

ii. Explain the SWOT findings and how they can help you market your new product. Consider what the strengths of the products are and

how you can leverage those to take advantage of opportunities.

b) Target Market Analysis

Describe the target market for the new product.

i. What is your company’s target market? What is the demographic, psychographic, and geographic breakdown of your target market?

ii. What are the wants and needs of this target market? Why would the product either appeal to their wants or satisfy their needs?

II. Marketing Strategy

Identify marketing strategies that you would suggest for the company.

a) Identify the most important marketing strategies that you would recommend the company use, and explain why you have chosen them.

b) Outline the 4 P’s (price, place, promotion, and product) for each of the strategies you have identified. How will you use the 4 P’s to inform your


c) Identify one marketing strategy you would recommend that the company avoid, and explain why.

d) Outline the 4 P’s (price, place, promotion, and product) for the strategy you are not recommending. Are there changes you could make to the 4

P’s that would make the strategy more likely to be successful? 

MKT 113 – Product Overview


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