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Obesity in Adults (Continued)

Obesity in Adults (Continued).

 Present a formal teaching project approximately 30 minutes in length. The presentation will include three components: 1. The teaching plan 2. A handout or brochure 3. Evaluation of learning The target audience is a low-literacy group of adult clients NOT health professionals. You should have some organizational framework that would be suitable for your target audience. The teaching strategies, methods and materials should be appropriate for the target audience. Be creative and take a chance. If you are working on a lesson that you normally conduct in the workplace, try to incorporate different teaching methods and strategies than you would not typically use. During your presentation, you will introduce your topic and briefly present the details that you have developed. You will then actually demonstrate the lesson as if the class is your target audience. The teaching plan content should meet the following criteria: a) The objectives are evident throughout b) Content is clearly explained c) Content is accurate d) Vocabulary level is appropriate for target audience, e) Content is appropriate for the audience f) Photos and/or graphics are used to enhance the presentation g) Words are carefully selected to present to a low literacy group h) Slides or materials for lesson visually appealing

Obesity in Adults (Continued)


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