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ow can  language barriers between the team impede proper communication across  department lines?

search the article, “All of Us: Embracing Diversity in Healthcare.”

Based on your research, summarize your thoughts and provide answers or comments to the following questions:

  • Discuss diversity in healthcare with examples and support from your research.
  • Summarize any cited special characteristics and problems in the workplace regarding diversity.

Read The Cultural Integration and Workforce Diversity Scenario and answer the following questions:

  • As you begin to develop your plan of action, what important  considerations will you address to improve the communication and  collaborative effort among the group?
  • What perceived or real barriers do you anticipate based on the wide  diversity of the staff and patients? For example, do seasoned and newly  graduated staff members develop team cohesiveness immediately? How can  language barriers between the team impede proper communication across  department lines?
  • What potential conflicts can arise when you do not understand or accept cultural, gender, ethnic, or age diversity?
  • Develop four important steps for how you will implement your plan to  improve communication and acceptance of various cultures and diverse  workers for each of the perceived or real barriers for staff and  patients.

Cultural Integration and Workforce Diversity


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