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Personal Logo Design

Personal Logo Design.

Analyze the role of color in differentiating logo design and corporate identities
Because people have an immediate, emotional response to any given color, color is one of the most important elements to consider in logo design. A company who wants to present a fresh, positive, upbeat personality would most likely never settle for an all gray and brown color scheme for their logo. Conversely, a company who wants to present a stable, professional, responsible, personality would most likely never embrace a color scheme featuring bubble gum pinks, neon yellows, and acid greens. Personality is reinforced or undermined by color thus it is vital when designing to consider not only color relationships within a logo but larger cultural color representations.

Project Overview
Last week you worked on the preliminary sketches and black and white computer versions of your personal logo design project. Coming into this week you should have three refined computer versions of your redesigned logo executed in black and white. After receiving feedback, this week you will finalize the logo direction you feel is most appropriate and create a logo sheet showcasing its appearance in a variety of sizes and situations.

Week 4 Project
After receiving feedback on your Week 3 submission, refine the logo direction that you feel is most appropriate. Consider how you can best maintain message consistency within a typeface, color, and overall logo composition. In addition, create and implement a color scheme for your logo that uses at least two colors (in addition to black and white).

Assignment Instructions:

Once you have completed your logo, create a logo usage guide for your single chosen logo that includes the following elements:
A title bar with your name and your business name (if applicable)
Logo in black and white (do not use any tints or less than 100% opacity of black)
Logo in grayscale (this is often an equivalent value of the colors it represents e.g. yellow is often represented at 10-15% gray, red is often represented at 80-85% gray)
Color swatches and key showing CMYK callouts
Color swatches and key showing RGB and hex-code callouts
Color logo shown in the following sizes: 1”, 3”, 6”
Black and white logo shown in the following sizes: 1”, 3”, 6”
Color and black and white logo showing on a dark background
Logo with safe zone outlined
Typography overview for type used (if applicable)
In InDesign, lay out these elements in a cohesive well-organized manner

Sample Solution

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Personal Logo Design


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