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 Describe a conservation concern facing a species of Piciformes. Describe what the source of the conservation issue is, how it’s affecting the species in question, and what (if anything) has been done to mitigate its effects. Be sure to specify if any particular anatomical/physiological/behavioral/ecological/life history traits of this species or group makes them particularly susceptible to this threat. You should cite at least one recent (within the past two years) news article and two peer-reviewed papers on the subject. Note that this is a minimum number of citations, and many topics may require more. If you use more sources in researching your paper, they should be cited as well! All sources should be included as in-text citations and in a Works Cited section at the end. Every citation that is in the text of the document needs to be in the Works Cited section, and vice-versa. You should aim for a length of approximately 750 words (~2 single-spaced pages in Times New Roman 12 pt.); your works cited section does NOT count towards the 750 words. Essays that are significantly longer than 750 words are likely trying to cover an overly broad topic, and will lose points accordingly. Your topic should be specific; “Habitat loss” or “Pollution” is too broad to cover in the space of this assignment. Instead, look at how these (or other) factors affect a particular species of interest, or a particular geographical location, etc. Your essay should be cohesive;  each providing a summary of one of your sources, but only linked together in the most general way. Some possible categories of topics include: Environmental pollution Climate change Habitat loss Invasive species Pet trade or other human hunting/consumption Disruption of migration Description of the issue



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