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Post a Response on how hand washing helps to minimize or stop the spread of disease


As a CNA to LPN, I have worked in an assisted living, rehabilitation center, and nursing homes. I worked alongside with so many people that have their routine, different culture and lifestyle. People who are comfortable using their hands to eat without any utensils. I also noticed people touching counters then putting their fingers inside their mouth or biting their nails. Some staff helped one patient and moved on to the next without handwashing. Based on so many research hand washing is very important. It is the first line of infection control and disease prevention.

Infection control is a necessity in any healthcare facilities. Healthcare personnel are the carrier to some diseases and may spread it among to different patients. No sick patients or frail residents who want to get an acquired facility infection. “It’s in your hands prevent sepsis in healthcare” World Health Organization (2018).  Patients, residents together with families are entrusting their lives to healthcare personnel to take care of them, to make them feel better. Not to get sepsis or worst diseases.

It is incredible that as simple as hand washing it will help to minimize or stop the spread of disease. I firmly believe and tried my best to abide by doing it the right way to protect myself, co-workers and especially the patients or residents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2017), between staff, patients and family, hand washing should be a main topic of education to protect themselves from or to stop the spread of infection. Education of proper and correct way of handwashing is important. Because doing it too quickly will not be enough to eradicate the germs.

Until now and going onwards handwashing will have a significant role not just in healthcare facilities but also in personal space. Education and in-services in proper hand washing will go a long ways towards the patients, and staff, from CNAs to nurses or all primary providers. Let us not forget that as simple hand washing is the best preventative measures for disease and infection.


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