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Practice Change Simulation

Practice Change Simulation.


The presentation should be a simulation of what you would present to your unit staff in an effort to gain buy-in as you initiate the practice change in your area of practice.
Create a power point that reflects upon the clinical problem that you have identified in your area of nursing practice (as identified in Module1: Relation Exist between Obesity and Heart Disease).
1-Critically appraise the research and summarize the knowledge available on the clinical problem (minimum requirement of 6 scholarly journal articles reviewed and appraised for application to practice problem).
2-Outline a strategic plan for implementation of a practice change in your clinical practice environment based upon your findings.
3-Describe how you intend to operationalize the practice change in your practice environment.
4-What theoretical model will you use and how will you overcome barriers to implementation?
5-What sources of internal evidence will you use in providing data to demonstrate improvement in outcomes?
6-Describe evaluation methods of implementation clearly. Are there any ethical considerations?
Paper instruction
This assignment will be a power point of 12 slides with speaker note where you will talk about the relation between obesity and heart disease, you will talk about the clinic problem of the obesity that led to heart issue and will present strategic plan for implementation of a practice change in your clinical practice environment based upon your findings. Please develop each point mention above (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) each point can take 1 or 2 slides, please remember to have an introduction and a conclusion.
NB: please as it says in the paper instruction you need 6 scholarly journal articles to review for this homework and please send me those article in a separate file so I can show them as an evidence that will be your reference.

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Practice Change Simulation


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