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Programming Capstone Test Matrix part 2 of projectAnswers 1Bids 15Other questions 10

Programming Capstone Test Matrix part 2 of projectAnswers 1Bids 15Other questions 10.

Proposal/Requirements document This is part 1 of the project, I need part 2 of project which is the Test MatrixProject ObjectiveChatting or Teleconferencing is a process of using technology to bring human beings and their ideas together in spite of the geographical obstacles. A broadcast Chat server has two types of broadcasting and the first one is Public and for this case the message is broadcast to all connected users and the other one is Private and this means the broadcasting will be limited between two clients. Through the help of this chat server, the users can easily communicate and also keep in touch with each other. The end users have the capability to share all kinds of information with other users also such as sending of various files, records and emails. The Broadcasting Chat Server Project that is required to run this project is JRE or the Java Run time Environment software and the users interact with the server through a Graphical User Interface. Proposed SystemThe proposed system is a chat application that works in two forms and the first one is the List form. In this form, all the names of the systems connected to a network are drafted. These names can later be utilized for communication with the assistance of mouse event, or in simple language such as a click or a double click. Secondly, there is the Chat form and it is called only when an element is selected from the List form. In this form, a connection is created between the host system and the selected system with the help of a socket. Additionally, all the end users will see other logged in user’s details very efficiently including their logged in time, time spent online and also their personal data like name and messages. The server will provide advanced security feature which will be maintaining the log in information of the users and the user’s list with details.Broadcasting Chat Server Modules  Server Application: The server application module handles the section of messages being sent and received by the broadcasting server. This module is associated with the SSL techniques and TCP/IP networking technologies. This module contains certain intrinsic logic’s which allow it to convey data about sent messages, appropriate routes of dispatching as well as receiving messages.Client Application: This module grants access to the user or the client to get logged in with authentic username and password. The client or the user of the system can go through the definite process of message sending in this category with other users of the system.Software Requirements· Oracle· Jdk· Eclipse· Netbeans· notepadHardware Requirements· Hard Disk – 2 GB.· RAM – 1 GB.· Processor – Dual Core or Above.· Mouse.· Keyboard.· Monitor.· Printer.Technologies Used· JavaThe server is designed to execute only on machines which support the windows operating system and will use approximately 700 lines of code. Some features of the application are as follows:· This application is used for sending messages from one client to all clients. To be precise, the server grabs a message from the sender client and conveys it to all clients. If any client wants to join the chatting session then he/she executes the client application on client end, enters the login name and clicks on the login button and starts the chatting with every client.  · The server is maintaining the list of user names including the client name. After creating the connection with server, the client sends the user name to server and server holds it in the arraylist and conveys this arraylist to all clients. Limitations of the application are as follows:· This application is used for conveying and receiving the messages but the message is displayed to every client. This means that the application is unable to offer the private chat feature and it is comparable to a multi-party conference.  · Before running the client application, the user has to makes sure the server application is running. If server is not in the execution state then one can’t start the chatting.  System documentationInstalling and operating a newly designed system or modifying an existing application requires a comprehensive record of that system’s design. Documentation is essential in diagnosing flaws and making adjustments. Additionally, it serves as a method of communication among the individuals responsible for building, implementing and maintaining the system. TrainingAn important element in creating a training plan is to assess the technical skills of those who will actually use the system on a daily basis. For this case, Technical novices will need more in-depth, step-by-step instruction in basics, whereas more experienced computer users will hastily pick up the basics and benefit from more education that explains to them how to use more complicated or advanced features of the software.  Test Matrix—Once your proposal/requirements document unambiguously describes EVERYTHING that your project will do it is time to produce a test matrix. This is simply a list (done in Excel or equivalent) of all your system’s requirements. In other words, each row of the spreadsheet will contain one of the system’s requirements. For example, if your system is supposed to allow up to ten simultaneous users then the requirement entry would say, “Ten simultaneous users”. Doing this allows you to easily list all of the system’s requirements so that you’ll remember to design and test each one. The Test Matrix, once approved, will be “frozen” and used during the final demonstration to ensure that each requirement has been adequately fulfilled. Make sure you include ALL of your requirements in this matrix. Remember that the Test Matrix will be used as a grading tool when you demonstrate your project at the end of the term. For each item in the list, you must clearly describe WHAT the feature or function does and also clearly describe HOW it will be tested or verified (will something be measured? will a file be checked? should something happen within a certain period of time? Etc)

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Programming Capstone Test Matrix part 2 of projectAnswers 1Bids 15Other questions 10


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