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Progressive Conservative Party leader Doug Ford

Progressive Conservative Party leader Doug Ford.

During the 2018 Ontario election campaign Progressive Conservative Party leader Doug Ford promised to dismantle the Liberal government’s climate change strategy (
Following his win in the June 2018 election, Ford has done exactly that, eliminating the province’s cap and trade program to limit greenhouse gas emissions and terminating the GreenON funding programs for everything from building energy efficiency improvements to electric vehicles.
In December 2018 the Ford government released its own environment and climate change plan (
Your assignment is to write a personal letter to the Premier assessing the adequacy of Mr. Ford’s climate change plan. It is enough to ensure that Ontario meets its climate change targets and contributes to Canada meeting its obligations under the Paris Climate Change Accord? Does it present a credible plan of action to reduce emissions? If so why? If not, make an argument to Premier Ford to adopt a more ambitious strategy. What might such a strategy include? Think about the environmental, economic and political dimensions of the issue that might provide the foundation for a compelling case for action to Mr. Ford.

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Progressive Conservative Party leader Doug Ford


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