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Public Health Policy


Students will be marked on their compliance to these instructions in terms of type and font size, line spacing etc., and in terms of the comprehensiveness of their review of the literature and the coherence, salience and analysis in their presentation of the ten resources. Do not attempt to reproduce the formatting as articles appear in HPP–the guidelines for online submission provide the required format. The papers should be submitted in a format ready for submission for review by the journal Health Policy and Planning. Note that the required format is not as it appears in the journal, but as required for submission. The instructions are available at the author guidelines for HPP:

The criteria is as follows:

1. Structure and Organization of the paper
2. Appropriateness of the 10 resources selected
3. Quality of analysis and synthesis of 10 resources presented

The purpose of then10 best resourcesmarticle is to select resources that would assist someone working in policy of programmers face a problem. You need to read the assessment task again so that you are clear this isn’t an essay.

But if you could choose to write on 10 best resources to end the HIV epidemic in low income countries and use “HIV epidemic in Cambodia, one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia: a success story” as one of the examples. Some web based resources are suitable, as are non-peer reviewed articles you just need to justify your selection.

You need to write down an Introduction part and literature search section including the title Search strategy, data resources and selection of study.

You need to think who you are writing this for, what kind of professionals. (eg. Public health leader or government authourized person )

Your inclusion criteria might be broad, but the selection will depend on the messages you need to send around what resources are important.
You might want to look at **surveillance, local and international response, financing, workforce, drugs** or alternatively you might look at the examples from the past and summarize the key messages.
Each of the 10 will need a summary that show why it is useful and combines to make the 10 best as a whole.

All of the above are essential task.

I would like to choose “10 best resources to end the HIV epidemic in low income countries”. I want to discuss about surveillance system, local and international supports and available of drugs ( generic drugs make significant improve in HIV treatment in Africa) . I also want to discuss about important of health education to clarify some misbelief about health. For example, in some part of Africa, many people believe that the virgin blood can cure all diseases. ( reference article – Lalor, K. (2004). Child sexual abuse in sub-saharan Africa: A literature review. Child Abuse & Neglect, 28(4), 439-460. doi:10.1016/j.chiabu.2003.07.005 )
That taboo led to children abuse and it is major cause of spreading HIV. I also want to discuss about collaboration of all key steak holders in addition to the fact that health care providers can adapt to control and manage emergent disease in their immediate environments. Please add another more resources.


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